The Madisons

Buffalo’s Own Movie Awards

WARNING: Much of the material on these pages may be offensive to some viewers, so be warned.

What are the Madisons? The Madisons are a unique movie awards ceremony, native to Buffalo, New York. The Madisons are usually held on the same weekend as the “imitator” Oscars. The Madisons are an innovation. They played South Park, before there was South Park. The have many new and creative awards that other movie awards do not have. Another element that separates the Madisons from other movie awards is that all movies are considered, not just the current or past year. Something about the Madisons that is very similar to most other movie awards is that good taste is left at the door.

The council is the group of individuals who select the nominees for The Madisons. To this date their selection process is unknown, but it is suspected to involve many anguished hours spent toiling over footage of whatever movies they can get their hands on, while consuming alcohol in large doses. The identity of the entire council is not entirely known, but here is what we have pieced together so far… Rev. Mooney, Prof. Young, Brother Faulker, Monkeyhead.

There are some other parties that get to vote on the Madisons, but do not get to select the nominees, as the blessed council are the only ones privileged enough to do that. If you have attended three Madison awards then you are allowed to vote on the nominees. A common problem is that you will probably not have heard of most of the movies, much less have seen them, but therein lies the challenge.

  1. The First Annual Madison/ Felix Awards (1996)
  2. The Second Annual Madison/ Felix Awards (1997)
  3. The Third Annual Madison/ Felix Awards ( 1998 )
  4. The Fourth Annual Madison/ Felix Awards (1999)
  5. The Fifth Annual Madison/ Felix Awards (2000)
  6. The Sixth Annual Madison/ Felix Awards (2001)
  7. The Seventh Annual Madison/ Felix Awards (2002)
  8. The Eighth Annual Madison/ Felix Awards (2003)
  9. The Ninth Annual Madison/ Felix Awards (2004)
  10. The Tenth Annual Madison/ Felix Awards (2005)

Additional Madisons information:


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