A Week of Popcorn

One week while still in Goodyear Hall on Main Street Campus i ran out of money in all ways. I was not going to get any more money until Friday, and it was Monday. There was only so much I could steal from the Wolf/Knaus fridge. JP never had anything but the chocolate pudding that was there since the beginning of the year. After drinking all the beer I had left in the fridge for my meals I was left with only popcorn and Velveeta cheese slices. I lived on popcorn created in my hot-air popper topped with the very poorly melted Velveeta cheese slices. Melting cheese in the top container of a hot-air popper, which is meant for butter, is a pitiful tool at best. Lesson learned: I was ecstatic to get some money on Friday to eat something that I stood dumb-founded with the possibilities. I finally settled on a big, juicy burger and some cheese covered waffle fries from the deli in the basement of the dorm. I was so tired of popcorn i have barely ever had it since.