Official Disclaimer

It has come to our collective attention that individuals outside the usual cabal of posters do indeed stumble upon this blog in the process of googling themselves or other such profane activities. After an unfortunate heated exchange based on an unflattering depiction after 14 years of lack of communication, it now seems obvious that a disclaimer of sorts is needed to remind information seeking parties that this blog is written without malice (with exception to the cat of the same name) and that no deliberate offense is intended.

Let this serve as a reminder that each and every person mentioned herein, including the authors, is likely portrayed in some manner not to their liking. There is, however, no intent to cause harm, damage to anyone’s reputation, ego, self-confidence, or even self-image. All depictions therefore can be considered to be in the form of caricature or parody, exaggerated for comedic or better story telling purposes, and not meant to represent either in part or in total any individual’s character. For those of you whom we have not seen nor heard of for 10 years or more, chances are that any mention of you is at best inaccurate and at worst pure fiction. Given the lack of interaction, you have been reduced in our collective lore as story characters only.

If any of you read this and would like to reacquaint, please drop us a line. Also feel free to disagree, set the record strait, or protest any depiction you don’t like. You are also free to submit stories of your own for posting, and are welcome to freely portray any of the administrators in any foolish, petty, stupid, immature, libidinous, cuckoldish, drunken, boring, pretentious, insane, asinine, bellicose, haughty, filthy, gnarly, top-heavy, bottom heavy, chunky, simian, bovine, bitchy, itchy, crabby, wicked, scheming, conniving, plotting, balding, hirsute, dastardly, unwell hung, smelly, Machiavellian, lumpy, irritable, bastardly, grumpy, fishy, crafty, yucky, grating, evil, pandering, slothful, greedy, moochy, goonish, wrathful, flatulent, warped, weird, or wooly manner you see fit as the allegations are likely true, if even in your own mind. The purpose here is to same as throwing stones at your window. Yeah, it might break, but it got you talking, didn’t it?

If you are any kind of employer or background checker, or are trying to obtain any kind of information about any of the people listed, please be aware that everything here is likely false, none of the people listed (for the most part) had anything to do with writing any of this, and you should treat this site as a pack of lies which has no negative bearing on anyone. In fact, we would encourage you to move along – there is nothing to see here. We may have altered the names in the stories – so any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is coincidental. Go away.


30 Responses

  1. How do i contact Larry aka Lawrence sims? I am a friend of his and his phone num is changed and his name pulled up this website. please let me know if you have any info. Thanks alot -Nickol

  2. That’s Mukaballa Dan. Dan Fraken. I still talk to him. He lives in Buffalo and so forth.

  3. Nickol, I don’t think any of us would feel comfortable giving out contact information for Larry or anyone else in this forum. Unless you can prove beyond reasonable doubt that you are in fact an old friend and not a stalker, creditor, angry ex-girlfriend he made giant meatballs for, or Battlelords over-ehthusiast, this infomation will remain sacrosanct. Or maybe one of these guys knows who you are; what the hell do I know.

  4. I can’t believe someone came up with Jesse’s last name.

  5. That was me.

  6. Yep. I remember you guys.

  7. And who are you?

  8. Charlene Lipkus I presume? My Google trap works!

  9. I’m not the nutty chick I was in the 90s anymore.

    I’m teaching now. Strange, huh? Me, a teacher? Whodathunk it. And married with two kids!

    Anyways, I was telling my students the other day about how people “google” themselves. I however had not “googled” my maiden name in a while. And behold I find this site!

    How are all you doing?

  10. Welcome Char! I think none of us are really those same people portrayed in this blog anymore. A few of us created this site to tell the old tales of times gone past now that so many of us are scattered across the country.

    Most of us are now married, although I’m the only one with a kid, and we all have real jobs now as well.

    We didn’t know each other well – I only ever remember seeing you though Mooney or Aaron. The last time was your graduate school graduation when you got your MLS. Mooney invited me along, althugh in retrospect, I’m wondering if he was supposed to. You were engaged to Marko at the time and I presume that is who you married.

    In any case, all the best to you! If you have any old stories you want to contribute, please feel free.

  11. Welcome Char, you are now the third person who has found this site by Googling themselves. Three more than we expected, though the other two I never would have guessed would not only find this site, but comment.

  12. Hey Char,
    How’s it going? I still talk to Rob and Andrew every now and then. I’m in Columbia, South Carolina now and teaching at a High School, Rob’s in Florida, and Andrew’s still in Waynesville. What are you teaching and where at?

  13. So Rob moved to Florida?! I wondered whatever happened to him, he used to work at the zoo.

    Did he and Barb ever get hitched? Are they still together?

    I’m a research, writing and English teacher. Y’know…

    This is Dan, right? I’m assuming you became an English teacher too?

    This is totally weird… The 90s are a blur to me… It’s kind of strange but kind of cool to hear from you all again…

    Did you hear by the way that Anacone’s closed a few months back? They had been held up a while earlier at three in the morning… I gues then finally the owner just decided to throw in the towel and sell the building…

    End of an era.

  14. No Barb and Rob split up, though they continued living together for several years. Rob finished his degree in history and went to Florida to become a teacher. It’s kind of like his EMT dream, it sort of fizzeled out. Last I heard he’s living with his brother, Matt, and working at a corner store. Last I heard Barb ran off with some 23-year-old, and disappeared into the wilds of Buffalo.
    I came back for the final night of Anacones. I saw Ian and Atmoic Don and a few others there. it was a memoriable night. What happened was that Mark, from what I hear, got a deal on the property and went for it.
    So how did you end up as an English Teacher? Last I heard you were working at a library (and your Masters was in Library Science), I guess it’s not that much of a jump, but still.

  15. Don’t tell me Rob sold out and went back to doing slacker work as a convenience store clerk!

    That is so disappointing.

    He would have made an excellent teacher.

  16. Hey now… I was googling an old friend’s name and ran across you all… Chris Keith of Buffalo. If he happens to show up here – would you give him my e-mail? Would love to talk to him… it’s been 11 years. 😦


  17. Hi Kristin,
    I passed along your info to him as he stumbled across this blog the same way you did. I don’t believe we met as I last saw Chris about 14 years ago now. Welcome to the site!

  18. That’s a heck of a list of names there.

  19. I think I interviewed Sean O’Donnell for an article I did for Reporter magazine (UB magazine), entitled “3-D Politics.” This would be in ’88 or ’89. God time flies.

  20. Rob is no longer a slacker convenience store clerk; he now menaces our lives on the highways driving a truck, allegedly.

  21. Ah, so Rob is a truck driver.

    I was at my parents’ house a few days ago and in an old box I found a pile of shit from when I used to live with Rob on Elmwood.

    I found a stupid clothing catalog , circa 1998, wherein Rob had written in funny captions. I laughed so hard I almost cried.

  22. Mike, what exactly is this? I was told by someone that my name is on this site. I found it in your disclaimer, but didn’t actually find any stories about myself.
    That said, how have you been, wolfy?

  23. Celeste! How have you been?

    This site is a blog a few of my college friends and I created to capture all the old stories from “back in the day”, albeit with no small amount of exaggeration. It basically serves as a uniting force for a group of people spread all over the nation and to keep the communication lines open. For a while things were going fast and furious, but after a while, we started running low on stories, so I decided to entertain everyone with my Air Force times. I’m going in chronological order and have so far only made it though basic and part of tech school. Eventually I will get to Langley at which time the people I listed ahead of the game will be mentioned. Due to a few “oops!” moments having never dreamed anyone but us knew of this site, we first created the disclaimer here, then removed personal details, changed some names and removed stories that would cause anyone undue distress or embarassment.

    I’ve been doing well myself! I’m married now with one child and worked as a field engineer for a while until promoted to product support manager about 2 years ago. I’ve fallen out of touch with everyone now from the Langley days. Last I heard you and Jeff married and were PCS’d to Alaska. I got that from John Tokarcik as buisness brought me to Hampton about 4 years ago and I ran into him.

    BTW the number of people now who have come back into our lives, if only electonically, due to this blog prompted a new idea I’ve had no time to work on. I’m creating a new site called ‘People Who Knew Mike Wolf’ that will draw people in who have Googled themselves. At the rate I’m going it will be up in about 10 years.

    What have you been up to? I hope you and Jeff are doing very well and hope things worked out. If you want to email me direct, I’m at .

    If you have any interest in the AF stories here, they are titled Basic Blues Part One, Deux, Tres, and Fore!, Funky Old Medina, Funky Older Medina, River Walkin’ and a new one about to go up called Breaking the Rules. I’m sure you will be able to identify with the material.

    All my best to you and yours!

  24. Truly inspiring may I say the least. Any list that includes Kent Lambrecht and Dario Fernandez makes one wonder why?But I think I figured it out but I still dont know how to say it. PEACE OF PEACE.

  25. It’s one of Wolf’s peeps.

  26. Iam Kent”s older brother the official animal house trainer.

  27. Donny, a fine job you did at that!

  28. Hi there,

    I’m guessin’ I’m on that list of those there from whom you don’t care to hear, but I’m gonna write anyway.

    So, I’m googling “Beppo & Roadkill” and what should come up but something with Comstock in the title…I lived on Comstock…oh…oooooh! Eep.

    I’m not going to venture into the website as I’ve no need to relive those days and already know you to be a dervish with the word, Mr. Wolf. First off, I do thank you for not using my full name (as far as i can tell). Honestly, other than a few moments (which i’m sure you’ve chronicled within), I have as many good memories as bad memories (some utterly twisted ones, but such is life)…I loved the Simpsons marathons, Solitaire moments, and really ridiculous parties. I moved on pretty swiftly after (other than being harassed via early e-mail by a certain person who seems to not be named on this page, either). I’m doing fine, working at a job I thoroughly enjoy, one which includes writing about music, I run long distance, read, and wake up happy most days. What’s past is past (and i will not be borne ceaselessly into it), happened almost two decades ago and I’ll just take this all in good fun. I hope you, Paul, and Aaron (and dave and matt and others i don’t remember) are doing well, but as I said, I’m not going to read deeper to find out (why have my feelings hurt, eh?).

    Best Wishes,

  29. Also congrats on your kid, MW (i read that far…seemed safe enough)…I’ll bet you’re a fine father…you’ll probably be relieved to know I don’t have kids (although i came mighty close…in a good way)

    And I see that the person “not mentioned” is presumably one of the administrators…ha…I’ll just say I enjoyed your writing too when we were in Federman’s class…and I’m baffled as to with whom you had the heated exchange…

    Life’s funny…

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