• Appreeeeciate: Something Jason never seemed to.
  • Bluebirds: Shuttle busses between UB campuses, including the dreaded Ridge Lea and Bethune varieties. Spiteful, unforegiving drivers who inspired Wolf to walk his own ass back and forth.
  • Catacombs: The secret steam tunnels of legend beneath the South Campus. Birthplace of Dark Pistacio.
  • Cockitude: A measure of the level you your acting like a cock. Originated by Aaron.
  • Comstockery: An action, generally poorly conceived and executed half-assed, born from the notion of ‘old enough to know better, young enough to do it anyway’.
  • Crypt: Dank, dirt filled cave beneath the Florida room inhabited by Jason’s undies, cat poop, and camera wielding Knauses
  • Cthulhu Haven: Any area in which you might encounter a dark fate, such as being mugged, stabbed, or attacked by a blobulous tentacled creature.
  • Dead Shit: Jar of preserved lizards schleped around by Wolf from abode to abode.
  • Dwarven City: The endless series of repetitive, boring architectural features on UB North Campus; in particular this was applied to Governor’s Hall which at the time appeared to lack any room numbers or means of finding landmarks. Someone painted Looney Tunes characters in the lounges which helped normal humans find their way.
  • Funnelator: A water balloon slingshot, capable of wreaking havoc at long distance.
  • Guy: Default name of any male while inside the L&T.
  • In the Brown: An expression to express your being screwed. Originated by Mooney.
  • L&T: Korean deli on the corner of Comstock and Dartmouth. Liberal proofing requirements; contraband available.
  • Mailbox Gang: Collection of questionable youths who gathered each evening by the mailbox and harassed passing cars.
  • Make it Happen: Irresistable instruction from JT.
  • Nasty Olde Sauce: a random concoction of condiments, spices, baking ingredients, unidentifiable oils and the essential ingredient, seaweed miso soup. Undigestable to all but Aaron.
  • ODS Black: Larry’s first game store, located on the Elmwood strip. All that remains now is a shoe store.
  • ODS White: Larry’s second game store, located in Williamsville. The stores were color-coded by neighborhood.
  • Or Choice B: Meaning I’ll take the alternative choice to what you offer.
  • Patio: The sloped roof of the Florida room accessible by crawling though Wolf’s bedroom window. Favored place by Malice and to watch ‘Sid and Nancy’.
  • Phone Code: Favorable condition at Comstock whereby incoming calls could be answered on the first ring even when the phone was shut off for non-payment.
  • Shot in the ass with rock salt: The uncomfortable alternative to Choice B
  • Square You Away: What Larry told every fool/sucker/customer he would do, just before taking some of their money. “Dude, give me ten bucks and I’ll square you away”.
  • Sucks to Be You: The 90’s version of “It is what it is.” A rude way to blow off someone’s complaint.
  • Radical/Rebel: A term constructed by Louis to refer to being different just for the sake of being different. Also, what Larry claimed one had to be in order to get laid.
  • Roll the Dice!: Some gamer told Larry combat was totally random. Larry jumped ot his feet, pounded the table, and said, “ROLL THE DICE DUDE!”
  • Rugged in the Face: Originated by drunk guy sitting behind Louis and Aaron at a Bills game. A woman passed by, and he was heard to comment, EXTREMELY LOUD (though he did not think so), “She had a nice body, but she was a bit rugged in the face.” This is the same genius that brought us “Breast Parity.”
  • The Center of the Universe: Putt-Putt, on Sheridan Drive. Site of many a Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat encounter. Matt could usually be found here when missing.
  • The Dropship Unforgiven: Also known as Matt’s mom’s minivan. Mode of transport for many an encounter.
  • The Official Story: What everyone says happened, regardless of the truth.
  • The Path: 45 degree slope between Princeton parking lot and the back of Tops. Essential shortcut, but a bitch in winter.
  • The Spot: Weekend only caffeteria in the basement of Goodyear. Excellent waffle fries with cheese.
  • Thirsty Puddles: Jason’s nickname. Used in this blog to avoid use of his last name and thus drawing his horrid attention.

5 Responses

  1. How about that crap mixed in a jar that is still hidden in the rafters in Comstocks basement to this day?

  2. Who is this person? Nasty Olde Sause?

  3. I have a feeling that it’s JP.

  4. Could be but I don’t recognize the email address as one of his. Who else would know about the Nasty Old Sauce though?

  5. Ok…I looked a little too close…it’s hard not to sometimes. My mistake. Look…sorry I apparently made your life “horrid” (oh, wait, no, it’s me who is horrid, sorry) so that in your mid-30s you would still need to make nasty comments. Frankly, all I recall is some pretty awful harassment that bordered on bullying. Also, at this point in my life, it’s not even a blip on the rear-view mirror (had forgotten it til i stumbled here). If I were an awkward person, I apologize…for god’s sake, we were 19! Anyway, I don’t change what I said…I’m happy, having a pretty damn decent life, have many good friends who care about me, good family, and yes, I bathe every day (and smell wonderful…hell, i’m sorry about that…but that was how many years ago?). Anyway, again, the past is the past…wish you all well (even mooney) and indeed hope you are having fulfilling lives.

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