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Wolf and I

Now that we have 100 stories out there, our readers will have a pretty good picture of the setting of Comstock. It is time we delve a little deeper into one of the key relationships around Comstock, not to mention I am saddened that my name has not been more prominent in the recent posts.

As is obvious by the title, this post centers around the evolving relation between Wolf and myself, one of the lynch pins of the whole Comstock experience. I am going to take you through the story of our relation (God! Have I said “relationship” enough already! As Mooney would say, “We are not Gay!” :)) from start to finish.

The first time I met Wolf was when I visited St. Joe’s to join Louis in the “War Gamer’s Society”, a society not a club – club’s do insufficient damage. Unbeknownst to me I would here meet a number of future hooligan associates include, Wolf, Knaus, Schultz, Burns, and JP. I am not good with names-to-faces; it takes me a few meetings to match them up, so much to their future anger I thought Mooney, Wolf, and some guy named “Booger” were the same person. In my defense, on each of my visits only one of this trio would appear each time. There is nothing else memorable about this first meeting with Wolf, mostly due to not knowing who he really was, and since I had just been introduced to so many of Louis’s school comrades I selectively choose to ignore some. As there was nothing particular of note with Wolf I found no problem in placing him on the “ignore” list.

The next era was when I sophomore year when I moved into Goodyear. These dorms were setup to have two doubles with a shared bathroom. Wolf/Knaus in the nicer (carpeted, TV) room and JP/myself in the other. This is where my relationship with Wolf really began and grew with many stories that have already been described. Perhaps the most ritual interaction, besides the Thursday night drive with Knaus to stock up on GAB, was Saturday mornings. Wolf worked at Collector’s Inn, while I did nothing. He would arise early and want to bum use of my SUNY Cash Card to get cheese covered=waffle fries from the glorious Spot in the basement of Goodyear. I can’t say as I blame him as this was food for a god. Many visitors came just for this delicate masterpiece. The Saturday conversation unfolded like this:

(in a Knaus like funk, as I was sleeping) “What!”
“You going to Spot?”
*loud sigh* “Yeah”

I would inevitably arise and would quickly turn gleeful as we approached the beloved waffle fries. To his credit, Wolf knew this would be the case, hence his lack of restraint when awaking me, though he always did it from the other side of a closed door.

Our third act of the Wolf/Thies combo was Comstock. Here there is not much to say as most of this blog is centered around the many hijinks this commode-like habitat festered.

Our relationship blossomed mostly around the common enemy of Thirty Puddles (named so for his bed wetting, not his spilling of drinks). It was during this era I enjoyed

letting the cat horde assault Wolf’s beloved xmas tree, and learned of his Bills outlook. He was not interested in football, except Miami, except the Bills games. If the Bills won it was the greatest game ever, and if they lost, it was the worst game ever. Consequently each week born a new watershed. After two years of success, it was only logical to continue our roommate-ship. Which leads up to Princeton.

The first year was good, some of the stories have been told, but as the second year grew on our activities together grew to a minimum, other than whatever we could do to aggravate the other guy into going to bed so we could watch the TV. Wolf sat in the dark to “create a movie theater” atmosphere, and used his infernal breadmaker, whose crumb avalanche lead to the cockroach squashing incident foretold. I’m sure more tales can be posted about this time that I care to recant presently.

Our final act as roommates was to divide up “the tapes”. Since the time we entered Princeton we advanced our technology to include a VCR. We frantically began to record episode after episode of “Seinfeld” and “The Simpsons”. We had 10-12 volumes of each. Not only was the content of the volumes timeless hilarity, but the increasingly poor quality was a reminder of simpler times that were starting to erode away. Many nights have one or both of us fell asleep on the couch (often in a drunken stupor) with one of these modern art-worthy recordings playing all night – continuing to erode the tape without anyone to enjoy the antics archived upon.

We are now in the final chapter of the Wolf/Thies saga. After Wolf had entered the Air Force. It was only after we had stepped away from each other for some time, and had to deal with “real” jobs on our own that we both admitted that we had enjoyed that last year as roommates, instead of trying to annoy the other. Wolf offered up a final Comstock-ish proposal. Upon leaving the Air Force we began playing basketball with Chris, Chet, and myself on a weekly basis. He proclaimed his embarkment on a new journey, each step to be progressed to after the successful completion of the previous step.

1. stop drinking (achieved for a time with non-alcoholic beer)
2. lose weight (basketball helped a little, with #1 helping a lot)
3. stop smoking (he cut back for a period, but never quite got here)
4. regrow hair (untouched)

In summary, Wolf and I shared much laughter over the years, and provided the other with a minimal amount of aggravation. Even at the end of Princeton we were polite agitators.

From Booger to good friend Wolf served a purpose. Wouldn’t you like to have a Wolf too?


5 Responses

  1. A truly excellent post! Your best one yet I would venture in a completly unbiased way.

    Now time for the corrections:

    The first time we met was actually at Louis’s birthday party freshman year of HS. I doubt we spoke as you were one of those Ken West rabble he insisted on bringing around our elite Joe’s crowd.

    Our third meeting was not actually Goodyear, but when Paul and I lived in Schoellkopf hall. He brought you by to go with us to Shirley’s O-Aces with the Irish Club. I documented this in “When Irish Eye’s Were Smilin'”. If you recall, your entry interruped my telephone receiver pick up response time experiment, thus depriving the world of critical research.

    As for the Bill, when they won, it was an exciting game, but when they lost, a boring one, even if the loss was 59 to 58.

    My four step improvement plan went well I thought as the intention was to improve the package enough to net me a woman. I did quit drinking which led to the weight loss. I was near quit smoking and looking into Rogaine when I met Molly. Once I was there, I saw no point to further continuing the efforts. Although I no longer drink much and have successfully quit smoking for 18 months now, I have grown fatter and lost copious amounts of hair; at least on my head.

    It was a glorious relationship, now carried on in the electronic arena due to someone insisting on moving out to Hippygranolaville.

    This story will be added to by my next post which explores the decline of Princeton and my entry into the AF. This will be delayed by my desire not to bump a story with my name on it on the vaunted front page. A wise move old friend, a wise move.

  2. I also need to comment on the prominence of your name – The “Aaron” tag is currently the largest, trailed by me, then 231 Comstock, then Mooney.

  3. Well, I did start the blog, and it took some effort to get you yahoos (unintentional) to start posting. Just because i was the focal point of more stories than the rest of you is not my fault. I am just that kind of linchpin.

  4. Actually, I daresay Louis is the linchpin. Think about it. Louis knew you, then became friends with me a Joes. Louis and I co-founded the Wargames club and brought in Matt, Dan, JP, Burns and you, while I brought in Knaus. I later added Dave to the mix while Dan and Matt sucked in Clan Frank and successors. You in turn brought in Chet and others.

    The common element is Louis, with not more than 2 degrees of separation between him and anyone else. Interesting, yet a paltry 22 posts only have been sprayed with his scent.

  5. That’s because I choose my moments for maximum effect. Quality over quantity and all that.

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