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The Business Opportunities of Hurricane Floyd

Back it he days when Comstock and Princeton had passed came a time when Matt was living in an apartment with Laubenthal. It was an unbelievable as much like Dan we never thought Matt would exit his parent’s home.

Several parties and incidents of note occurred at this place. One was a hot summer day when a gaming session was in full swing. Matt sported his muscle shirt. Dan verbally poked and prodded Matt until he became enraged, only then pushing him over the edge by noting Matt’s visibly red skin, using his Irish Whisper, “Look! Matt’s got ‘roid rage!” Chris, having the unfortunate seat directly across from Matt received the full force of Matt’s anger. He kicked Chris out of the house it he end. Chris never gamed, or did much with Matt, for a long time. During this fit, Matt was asked why he was not yelling at Dan. Matt said he had known Dan a lot longer, so he would put up with more crap from him, but Chris was a relatively new acquaintance, so his minor comment (I can’t even remember him saying anything, just laughing at the ‘roid rage comment like the rest of us) was enough to draw Matt’s attention.

But this post is not about that. This is about the announcement Dan made one day that he and Pete (the goon’s goon) were moving down to Florida to sell discount Disney World tickets to tourists. It all seemed like a ticket scam, and not being able to explain it to anyone as a legitimate sounding business the official story became Dan and Pete were moving to Florida to scalp tickets.

At this same time Ian announced he was moving to Texas to live and work with Andrew. A trying ordeal to say the least. Andrew had a number of habits I observed when he lived with Rob, who was the only one to live alone with Andrew for any length of time. Andrew would spend a literal two hours in the bathroom preparing and then forget to brush him teeth. Women complained he took way too long. We often got drunk on fridge beer by the time he was fully prepared, or just trot across the street to J.P. Bullfeathers. To going out meant to Andrew a formal occasion.

Anyway, so Dan was leaving for Florida, and Ian was leaving for Texas. There was nothing left to do except the usual taking of bets (standard $1) on when they would be back. Dan was back in four days, due to the event of Hurricane Floyd. He never even made it to Florida. they turned around in the Carolinas, perhaps that is why he lives there today – forever eying the frontier he never conquered. Louis won that bet.

We had all bet Ian would last twice the time Dan did. He did much better. Ian lasted almost a year. I forget who won that bet.

Though years later, the final bet had to be how long until Matt either got married, died, or went to prison (for protesting some pop). Matt was engaged to Jessica at the time and since most people were scattered we bet via email. We cc’d Jessica on the bet and she replied by placing a bet and told us they had to renew their marriage license as it was about to expire.

There were other bets over the years that I am sure will be brought to light in forthcoming comments, but I will always remember the business opportunities of Hurricane Floyd.


12 Responses

  1. I thought Dan actually made it down there and had a go of it? My understanding was that it was the thugs from Disney that shut him down. I think any business ventures made with Pete Ocartz outside of loansharking or hubcap boosting would be too risky to bear.

  2. Dan did not make it down there, I distinctly remember because I won the pool for his return. I also think there were two Matt returning bets, because let’s not forget that he DID return to Buffalo once before settling back in Baltimore.

  3. Hmm.. I’m still thinking he did though, and here is why. I was home from the Air Force and went to a party with Dan, and this was following his return. I distinctly remember him describing the business – they bought week passes to Disney and broke them up to sell as ‘several day’ passes as Disney only offered expensive day passes or discounted week ones, but no 3-day deal or anything like it. Dan and whoever was with him (are we sure it was Pete?) made their profit by selling chunks of the week for less than individual days, but less than the week package for what could only have been a slim margin. Dan told me that the plan was working and profitable when Disney decided to offer the same deal rather quickly after they found out.

    Only Dan can settle this for sure, presuming he is still alive; a dubious prospect given his decline to weigh in on commentary virtually guaranteed to stir him.

  4. I know Dan never made it initially, and it was Pete for certain. I recall the party at Dan’s house (outside) when he told us, it may have been his birthday – maybe the one we shared a party and he expected me to buy my own birthday cake.

  5. To clear up a few things. What happened at the gaming table was that Chris call Matt an idiot, and then i made the ;roid rage comment. it happened because Matt was taking Creotin at the time and got the dosage wrong. Mixing up table spoon with tea spoon.

    I did make it down to Kissimmee for a brief time. We were evacuated out because of Hurricane Floyd within two weeks. You can tell it was a big one, because they closed down Disney World, which is never done. We went back down there and due to Pete’s father fucking us out of some money, Disney changing its ticket practicies, and the fact that I hated Florida. I returned home, got into substitute teaching and moved onto my current career.

  6. Ah ha! I knew he made it down there. I will now lord this over the rest of you in an insufferable manner and make liberal overuse of this to back all future suspicious claims.

  7. Since our recollection of Dan making it to Florida depends primarily on his reliable reporting at the time of this event, then your claims are falsified.

  8. I also agree – the time we are thinking of must have been another aborted attempt to get started down there. I specifically remember hearing they only got part of the way down. Of course, I might have been lied to by Aaron. Or Dan. Or Schultz.

  9. I must say it is ironic and somewhat disturbing that this post is high in the rankings due to people searching for “hurricane business opportunities”.

  10. Is that you Pete?

  11. I’m not at all surprised. We had a tree come down on our house during the Surprise October Storm and our tree guy admitted that he was “excited that this happened” as he had just run out of Katrina work down in New Orleans.

  12. That storm as been dubbed “October Crush”. It hit a two weeks before we left for Portland. If it had been a week after it would have delayed our leaving. Mother Buffalo taking one last shot at me before I escaped her icy clutches.

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