In the Brown – The Tracy Mehm Story

       Although we discovered our fair share of interesting characters, many of whom have gone on to become legendary if only in our collective memory, we had only one brush with true fame, or infamy if you will, and on the local level only. I’m speaking of course of the one and only Tracy Mehm, dubbed by the media in a catchy manner as the ‘Coed Call Girl’, and by others as the “Buff State Prostitute”. I prefer the former myself. It will come as no surprise to any reader of this blog that it was none other than Dan Mooney who introduced her into our circle as well as outed her as being one and the same as the media sensation. Is this a story worth telling? Perhaps not in it’s own right, but it does serve as a convenient backdrop that we may examine who we were at the time and where we have come since.

        The first time I recall Dan bringing her by was back at Goodyear. I’m still not at all clear as to how he met her or under what circumstances, but she arrived with him nevertheless. We all considered her Dan’s likely flavor of the month back in the days when his outrageous bad boy image still served as a potent pheromone, drawing all manner of unlikely woman through the siren song of his Irish whisper. At the time I found her non-descript, a bit on the quiet side, and utterly forgettable. The only reason I think I even recall the evening is because it was the first of perhaps 3 instances in total that I saw Knaus willingly relinquish the keys to his precious Cutlass to someone else. That the someone else was Dan, an unlicensed driver who had consumed no less than a six pack and some of my yak piss that evening was astounding. More so was that Dan hadn’t even asked, but merely mentioned that Tracy needed a ride home to whatever south town she abided in. Paul causally flipped him the keys with nary a caution, creating a buzz amongst the collective for many months and years to come. Whether Dan claimed relations that night as a reward for his ill considered chivalry is lost to time.

        The next time I remember seeing her was at Comstock at the grand finale party we hosted that served as Dan’s birthday. This was a memorable evening in many respects. The party itself was confined to the dining room and living room, as I had locked all entrances to the kitchen with my skeleton key. That very morning I had scrubbed the kitchen floor to as close to a shine as it was ever going to get in anticipation of moving out the coming weekend. I was adamant about not allowing our inconsiderate guests, or even housemates, to trample over my good work. That the refrigerator was also locked up caused no small amount of protest and ill mannered bitching, but I stood fast, drinking warm Schlitz with the rest of them. Tempers rose as the evening wore on, but I had secured the agreement of Knaus previous and held him out as my trump card, knowing full well that none present would press an edict he might feel compelled to enforce.

        To supplement the warm beer, the Dashwood Society was so kind as to bring both an assortment of liquor as well as a homemade punch, red as the fires of hell, labeled the ‘Dashwood Solution’. The liquor was the first choice of consumption and we took to lighting shots of Rumple Mintz and shooting them down. Dan didn’t know previously that savvy drinkers blow it out with a quick exhale as it begins to pour. As a result, he shot it fully alight, screamed, and spewed a river of flaming mint down his beard, singing it thoroughly. The foul reek of burned hair put an end to further experimentation by the assembled drunken monkeys although none of us would have minded seeing Dan flail about again in attempts to extinguish himself.

The Dashwood Solution then became more intriguing, although most of us who knew Dan for some time had a great deal of suspicion regarding the contents. I noted that where Dan was willing to imbibe, the other two core Dashwoodies declined. The rest of the guests, including Tracy and even Mary Serio seemed to enjoy. Later on in the evening, I was able to get him aside and coaxed the admission out of him that the secret ingredient was his own urine. The ‘Fear Factor’ addition was the first in a triumvirate of disgusting fare, to be followed by the toilet water drink service and the infamous milkshake. I was happy to have been warned as I was becoming progressively more tempted by the ruby concoction. Later that night Jeff Death spied a clean white car parked down the street, and he along with Brian and Dan, ceremoniously christened the poor fool’s conveyance with the remaining solution. The following day it was evident that the red dye giving it such vibrant color stuck remarkably well to the paint.

At the time of the party, I dimly remembered Tracy from the dorm, probably because Dan introduced her as “You remember Tracy from that time I brought her by the dorm”. She was somewhat subdued that evening, and my attempts to chat her up came to naught. In hindsight I’m surprised she came as the news had already broken. We, having never bothered to pick up a paper or watched the local telecasts, had no clue, and didn’t know her last name anyway. Sometime shortly after the party, Dan made some comment about the trouble Tracy Mehm was in, and we of course had no idea why he brought this up, as by then we had heard the name and story. Dan explained and we were all duly impressed that a person of such national recognition skulked about our very abode and drank our warm and piss filled fare. We followed the story with increased interest thereafter.

While we never saw her during the trial period, or before her subsequent conviction and sentencing, she did have our attention and sympathy. We of course took to bragging that we had been able to attract someone of such renown to our hovel, not making any distinction between someone found guilty of the world’s oldest profession and bona fide royalty. It was all the same to us, and given who we were at the time, declined to pass judgment as a collective, with perhaps a few exceptions.

The title of this essay is a nod to what was probably most humorous outcome of her personal tragedy. Unfortunately, I was not present, so I’ll do my best to retell as best I can. Sometime after her conviction, Dan, Aaron and Louis took a trip to Tops, likely looking to replenish the Mountain Dew supply that was always depleted must faster than forecast predicted in Louis’s presence. The subject of Tracy came up and Louis, with reasonable expectation to the possibility, accused Dan of being her pimp. Dan, being graced with a complete lack of self-consciousness, loudly exclaimed, in line, “That’s right I was! I’d yell it out to everyone! You can fuck her in the pussy! You can fuck her in the mouth! You can even fuck her in the brown!!” The location of such should require no explanation. Early reports indicate that Louis was horribly mortified and frantically tried to escape the line while Dan’s sensitivity, having clued him in to how badly Louis was upset, repeated the simulated hawking of poor Tracy’s ass ever louder and punctuated with great slaps of the back of his hand into his palm. It is presumed that the other shoppers were likewise offended by the exuberant outburst, but were unwilling to abandon their intended purchases and flee as Louis did.

Tracy quietly did her time and was released with little fanfare, having repaid society for her sin of poverty and the resulting desperation that led her to harm none, but offend the sensibilities of some. She had sold the rights to her story to Lifetime who considered, yet passed on making a movie, as selling one’s image, experience, and emotional trauma is perfectly legal. Anthony Comstock righteously endorsed the whole process from beyond, in whatever hell he now lurks, unable to castigate the debauched devilry around him.

We encounter Tracy once again, now in the Princeton years. I was out with Mooney, and perhaps some other folks and we ended up stopping by Tracy’s new apartment that she was sharing with her fiancé at the time. Expectations would have the place decorated in the gaudiest of leopard print and fringe, but would be wrong. What struck me was that this notoriously sinful lady of the evening was in fact a geek, not so different than us. Adorning her kitchen wall was a poster of common English to Klingon translations , and upon her fridge, displayed proudly was the reply to a fan letter she had recently written the arrogant snot who played ‘Zack’ on ‘Saved by the Bell’. Had it been to ‘Slater’, sure, we could forgive and assume she exhibited mainstream taste, but her choice put her in the same realm of the rest of us who avidly collected comics or pretended, in the comfort of home, to be elves on the weekends for some insipid role playing adventure.

Not long after, she got married; the ceremony performed by none other than the newly minted Reverend Dr. Daniel J Mooney, who charged but $50 and a bottle of Jack Daniels for his services, recognized legal by the State of New York. That too is deserving of its own entry. From there she passed into lore, most often as the unlucky subject of the ‘in the brown’ story that is told to this day. What brought this to mind was that in researching these murky characters from our past, I found a follow up article posted in the Buffalo News recently. They tracked her down and found she is living in Kenmore with her 10 year old daughter and working in the auto repossession industry. She’s now divorced, but keeps her married name as people other than this group still have hung on to the memory of past mistakes. The article mentions that she lost some friends back in the day due to her mistake and has not talked to her father since either. I felt bad for her.

The story really brought to mind who we were back then, what we took from it, and where it helped bring us today. I don’t think any of us can really look back to those days and not cringe a thousand times, thinking “man, was I really that stupid”. The memories of it all has created versions of us that exist in story; caricatures and parodies, gleefully presented to each other sometimes to collective laughter and sometime to offense. I think one of the values in this project is that it allows us to do just that, even they are funhouse mirrors we see ourselves reflected in. The reflection, I think in every case thus far, shows a younger person, amidst choices and actions that were ill considered, poor, lacking in merit, or pure idiocy. In that I think we can identify with Tracy, who paid a much higher price for pursuing bad ideas of no greater magnitude than those wantonly performed by the rest of us (Louis likely excluded, who was unbearably smart and well mannered). For that reason I have neglected the usual treatment of outlandish depictions, slurs, and friendly defamation we have been heaping on each other. I think she had enough of all that already.

I have waxed on maudlin enough! Soppy remembrances are not my forte, so expect no more of this self indulgent crap from me. That all said, I’ll put this to bed Breakfast Club style. We accept the fact that we have to sacrifice our precious time writing this blog for whatever it was we did. But, we are crazy to write who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us: in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But we have found that each one of us is: a drunken fool, and an obnoxious bastard, and an arrogant prick, and a brain, and a ho. Does that answer your question, douche bag?

Don’t you forget about me….


41 Responses

  1. OK, there are some issues that need to be appended to the story. First of all, Dan’s outburst was:

    “That’s right, here’s what I said: You can fuck her in the face, you can fuck her in the pussy, you can fuck her IN THE BROWN, hell – you can even fuck her in the FEET! I don’t care, just as long as I get my MONEY!”

    Secondly, you completely left off the fact that Tracy went on at least one of the daytime shows (Geraldo) and possibly another, receiving some kind of compensation for same. The best part about this is that Dan bragged later that this was HIS idea, and he told her to “play up the whole exploited woman and impoverished student angle”. According to Dan, the whole “paying for school” angle was a bit overblown as she was an Honor student on some form of scholarship. Dan stated, however, that “it was an easy way for her to pay her gas bills, since she could get $150 a pop. The whole thing was just a matter of convenience.”

  2. Also, I declare that whole Breakfast Club reference to be somewhat uncomfortably gay.

  3. Hmm, according to that Buffalo News article it was Maury Povich, not Geraldo. I guess my memory might be wrong – or the article bungled the facts somehow.

  4. What was her sentence anyway?

    I recall she showed up at the final Comstock party with some tall, female friend and a six-foot balloon for Dan.

    BTW, the car Jeff/Dan dumped the punch on was saved by the hard rain that night.

  5. I thought the article said her sentence was 180 days? Pretty excessive I think. I remember her talking about it that time we stopped by her place.

    I forgot about the rain washing away the punch! For some reason I thought it had lasted.

    I hereby defend my Breakfast Club reference as not gay, but unbearably cheesy. We are Generation X and must therefore claim these cultural artistic monstrosities and integrate references to them as often as possible in our everyday lives. ‘Reality Bites’ set this precedent and all we can do is abide.

  6. The article said 90 days. She also complained about it in the article. At the time the reason for the sentence was that she allegedly tried to warn the escort service of the police raid. She denied this.

    There was also an incident where they were busting on Tracy on the radio, and Dan called in to complain back at the DJ.

  7. I did not set my face on fire, well once when some dribbled over the shot glass. There was another guy there who’s name is lost to the ages, that tried to sip it, rather than let it go down in one chug, and his face caught fire. I like the sensation of the fire extinguishing in your mouth.

    The party you are reffering to was my 21st birthday party. And Brian wasn’t there as he hated parties. Nick was there and he helped dump the punch. I’m not going to comment on the Dashwood Solution, but I know Aarron was wary enough not to try any. Andrew did though and Nick did, he ended up vomiting on the driveway.

    I didn’t know Tracy was divorced. That means only one couple that I’ve married is still married, Atomic Don. Damn these modern people and their swinging ways.

  8. Hey:)

    I came accross this on google by accident. lol

    Dan, was in no manner, ‘my pimp’. I didn’t really have one, the owner of an escort service isn’t really a pimp- more like a boss. No feathered hat- no ‘bitch you will give me your monry’ type of thing, lol

    I am grossed out about the mention on the ‘solution’ and pissed anpeople that made it, but I apparantly lived.

    If Dan said all that stuff, he is an ass. And, he never gave me ‘advice’ of any kind. Yep, I went on a couple shows, they were offering money and I had none- obvious conclusion to that.

    I liked Dan, at one point. We spent time together. But he apparently thought he was too much of a somebody at the time to take me seriously.

    I was waiting for my financial aide money- and loan money- which was ridiculously delayed for some reason. I got like $90 from EOP I beleive to begin with.

    The student loan company, in the end, erased interest and apologized in a 3 page letter.

    BTW- I am NOT non descript and forgettable. see my prof on Yahoo- reldra10. Maybe you had too much ‘solution’ to drink’ lol.

    I was married for about 6 years. If tat helps Dan’s career any. However, I am highly disturbed by his actual respect for me.

    I am no longer in an apt, I own a house. I am still quite the geek. I am still in a Star Trek group and work in indie fillms.

    Dan can screw off, lol

  9. It was Maury Povich and Geraldo, lol. On Maury I was the main guest- it was before he changed and all his shows to be about parternity tests-they were all ‘soft’ . The geraldo was sort of a panel of guests. Maury was nice, spent time talking to me before. Geraldo, I never saw until I went on stage and he doesn’t look you in the eye when he shakes your hand.

  10. I keep missing other questins. The sentence was 90 days. However, everyone with good behavior gets a third off. So, I spent like 10 days in the hilding center and 50 in Alden- which is like a hospital more than a prison.

  11. Just for context, Dan’s outburst in Tops was definitely intended to offend us onlookers, not to be an actual reference to any real situation. Also, there is the possibility that some misquoting has occurred this many years later. In any case – you can be sure no one actually BELIEVED anything Dan said, even at the time.

  12. Also, I NEVER lived in South Buffalo.

  13. Lol, I am sure Dan only meant to attract attention. 🙂

  14. If he knew about ‘the solution’ that is just horrible. Any thing he said, well,Dan is just Dan I guess.

  15. Now I am a minister, In NY state. Same way he got it, lol

  16. Well, Dan apparently consumed the solution, so my first guess is that he was lying about the contents. But only Dan can tell for sure – and now it would be very convenient for him to claim he was lying then… I do not recall ever consuming anything he provided that didn’t come in a tamper-evident package, because you can never be too safe. On the other hand, I am still shocked that he apparently gave Aaron toilet water to drink. I need to head over to that post and determine if it was from the bowl or the tank. *barf*

  17. Tracy, welcome! I am exceptionally pleased that my ‘Google bombing’ tactics have now brought forth 2 people from out shadowy past.

    Thank you for taking this entry in the spirit in which it was intended – the abrasive style adopted here by myself and Dan has been known to offend; hence the disclaimer at the top of the page. I will, however, clarify my ‘non-descript’ comment as being chosen to indicate a lack of gum snapping behind cherry red lipstick and clear platform heels look.

    I’m glad you remain a geek, there are too few of us; all present company excluded of course. Dan and I still boast impressive comic collections, Louis’s avatar says it all, and Aaron is a rabid Winnie the Pooh affectionado.

    I believe Dan on the solution as he made it a point to explain that urine is sterile and thus he didn’t fear drinking his own, or worry too much about the health consequences to the rest of the guests. As for the toilet water, well, I’m guessing the bowl. I’m also guessing that his mom didn’t use 2000 Flushes.

  18. Well I missed all of the back and forth. For all thopse who do know, I used to constantly pulled stuff out of my ass fo whatever reason. I knew knew this stuff would turn around to bite me in the ass one day. C’est la vie.

    Tracey it’s great to hear from you. I’m glad that you’re doing well. Stay in touch. Just remember that this all needs to be taken with a grain of salt, and it was all over 10 years ago, when we were all differnt people. I’m sorry we lost touch.

    And to finally clear the air, there was no urine in The Dashwood Solution. I’m generally straightforward about this stuff so, believe me if you will.

  19. I just came across this again. The main post is incredibly good writing. I find it funnier and more interesting the 2nd time around:)

    OMG, I am so glad there was no urine in the Dashwood Solution. LOL

    I was continously hanging out with Sal Monaco and his crew up until a few moths ago. I seem to have waaay outgrown them and am taking a break.

    They switched from MTG to Yu Gi Oh. Sorry, that went way past the geek line for me 🙂 Umm…though I bought lots of Yu Gi Oh cards anyway..couldn’t… help… myself ….somehow….

    Well, Dan and others, if anyone wants to chat, my email is and my Yahoo is reldra10 🙂


  20. Your flattery of my writing is most appreciated! Even moreso as it will annoy the others considerably as I will no doubt bring it up until I am exiled from the site.

    Thanks for inserting your pic in the cast section! As you can see, we have been removing last names our of consideration for those who like to keep their pasts under wraps. Thanks for being such a good egg about it all.

    While that may not be the geekiest thing said in this blog, it certainly is in the running! 🙂

  21. Now that we all know how much Eliot Spitzer was paying, I think we can agree that Tracy was apparently born at the wrong time. It gives a whole new meaning to getting screwed.

  22. I came across this again, I was actually looking for some posts I made on a coupon site- Dawn Simple Pleasures dishwashing liquid with an air freshener on the bottom of the bottle has disappeared from store shelves and the maker, P&G gives me bullshit answers. LOL, Yes I really need to find it, in Lily and Jasmine scent.

    Yes, I focus on cleaning products too much. After 15 or more years, I made my exit from a cubicle (yes I had customer service jobs before the notorious job and computer jobs after. )

    I own a cleaning service now and have 5 employees. It lets me pick and choose where I clean and who I want to clean for. I mainly clean a 3 story Victorian in N Buffalo 3x a week, 4 hours at a time and the rest are almost all loft apartments by referral. I took all of my college education and my high IQ and found an industry that never runs out of work, pays well and being detail oriented helps. I often make $150 in a day, but don’t overcharge like Merry Maids.

    Anybody got any magic eraser w/ febreeze coupons? LOL

    I continue to play MTG and other geeky pursuits when I can and lots of karaoke.

    I had a disturbing event, a few months ago, where- someone who is supposed to be my best friend- Sal Monaco- took my daughter to Fantasy Island and took disturbing videos featuring her feet. Sal tries to say nothing wrong was done, but I cut contact with him and it caused me the loss of several friends, but kept the ones that know Sal well. My daughter had no idea he did anything wrong and I want to keep it that way. She is a little immature for 11(going on 12) and I am definitely not going to explain ‘foot fetish’ to her.

    Reading the original post again, I laughed even more.
    Why would I have gone? How did I show up? I knew Dan from Sal and from ECC.

    On the way back from a Student Government field trip, where part of the money was spent at a strip club, and this was only because ‘Nightmares’ was closed for the winter -mind you-, Dan and I unashamedly made out in the back of the school-owned mini-van. Life is just not complete without ridiculous events like that.

    The tall friend I had brought to the party- that is Nyenya, by best friend since I was 4. She finally had a baby almost 3 years ago. It was a shock or divine intervention, because she was told she couldn’t have children.

    She and I go to martini bars- because she drinks martinis, I don’t and is looking to bum the $8 off me, lol.

    Latley I have become an addict of the Buffalo Freecycle club on yahoo. You should check it out.

    I got rid of so much clutter and was able to get free stuff- mainly a couch and stuff for the bigger bedroom my little one is switching into- it’s fantastic.

    Ok, I have to stop or I can ramble a long time

    Obama ’08 (good close, I think)

  23. Congratulations on posting our longest comment ever! I now have something to shoot for, as competative as I am.

    Let me say though that is extremely fucked up what this scum bag Sal did! I’d get the police involved for a number of reasons. First, even if it was “just foot fetish”, it’s still pedophilia and exploitation of a minor. Second, if he’s willing to do that and makes money off of it, what else is he willing to do? Finally, these absolute dregs of sub-humanity never stop at just one. Please strongly consider it.

    I’m a big fan of Freecycle myself but need to restrain myself. While we have gotten rid of a few things that way, I’m always more tempted to bring yet more clutter into the house.

  24. I had never heard of Freecycle until I came to work at Yahoo!, where I learned they are one fo the largest Yahoo! Groups groups.

  25. Yeah, I remember that Sal always had a foot fetish, and that he was a screwed up wierdo. I’m sure that he’s just gotten worse with age.

  26. Freecycle. The 21st century, Internet-enabled replacement for old-school 70s style garbage picking. I remember watching cars cruise our neighborhood on the night before trash pickup, occasionally stopping to get someone else’s goods. Now, you can search through trash before it gets sent to the curb and rained on, all from the privacy of your own home! Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  27. Magnificent! In my days at the Kenmore DPW those of us on the lawn crew would start the morning ‘doing the mooch’. We’d slowly drive up and down every street on the day’s garbage route and look for pickings. Sam, our intrepid leader, collected anything aluminum. We’d take old storm windows down to the dump on Wabash and Military and break all the glass out to compact it for him. While it seemed like a foolish waste of time, he recycled enough to fund the re-roofing of his house.

    One of the retirees, Casey, usually hit the mooch route before us thereby limiting what exotic goods we might find. Every two weeks he would hold a garage sale of his findings and claimed that the income he got from it surpassed what he got for his pension (which probably wasn’t much).

    One week when Casey must have been out of town, I found a huge antique wooden mirror that I refinished and still have. It’s in storage of course and honestly will probably find its way to Freecycle some day. Ah, the circle of life.

  28. Hi Again-

    I will not try to make the longest comment again.

    In regard to Sal, he took 2 videos with his phone, never touched her and she is none the wiser. Of course I told his GF of umptine years and the the whole of Buffalo Time Counsel got wind of it. I hear that most there had negative comments for him (to say the least). I think that may be enough for him to not do that with another child and if not- the police will soon be on him. Us Geeks, we have our own justice, lol.

    I still love Buffalo freecycle. I got a new full sized bed frame for Jasmine for the bigger room she is switching into. That was a help as then a new mattress and box spring could be bought. I have gotten rid of even more crap since I last posted.

    I want to leave here 2 links- one is , belongs to a friend that has produced public access tv for years- that I have been on- and I am working on a contribution for the previous link. He does hotftv and the greg sterlace show. If no one her has seen me read poetry on hotftv- Where have you been ?

    And I need to plug The “OctoberPrize Reading: featuring Paula Wachowiac and Pamela Plummer , Monday October 20th at 7PM at Crane Library, 633 Elmwood Ave. There are open slots to read (I will be reading) show up at 6:45 to sign in for open slots.

    reldra10 on Yahoo

  29. One more plug…but it’s my own Halloween Party.

    Costumes preferred but optional.

    Friday October 31st, 8:30 pm.

    RSVP to – and this is important- it’s my party RSVP email-

    In Kenmore Village- will receive address with proper RSVP


    1) Real Name
    2) Phone#
    3) What you can bring (most wanted is chip dip, salsa , ice or rum for daquiris)
    4) Can you help set up (6pm) or clean up (?)
    5) Can you help ck Ids if obviously necessary- likely not or help remove people who are too loud- other than me?

    -Tracy 🙂

  30. Thanks for the group invite! I’m driving to Jersey that day or I’d definitly be there – I love Halloween parties.

    I checked out Think Twice radio. Pretty cool stuff. How does one get on? Year ago, back in the Comstock days, Knaus, Thies and I talked about doing a public access show but like other schemes like starting our own frat to make cash or found a bear and melon farm, it never came to pass. I never quite gave up the idea though of doing a show. As for the others; melons I have grown, but not yet a single bear.

    I did miss you reading poetry and was in North Haverbrook at the time.

  31. I emailed you and Dan months ago about doing a Comstock podcast. You both where interested, but once I sent another email to further discuss it you both ignored it!


    Sal got caught creepiness while trying to hide his identity under a lame alias while his real email was caught and trying to excuse his obsessive foot love as costuming related.

    Thought this would be relevant to your interests.

  33. As for thinktwiceradio- the owner has an email on there. He is open to people wanting to be involved in his current projects or suggesting other ideas. It is or

    As for Sal and the link he put on someone’s LJ or yahoo group- whichever it was- it was just a link to his Yahoo group.
    I have no sympathy for Sal, but at the time, he brought me in to moderate his Yahoo group-I think mainly due to this controversy and he wasn’t real good at managing his group. He wanted a 16 and over audience. I removed a lot of things under links that were his and some that other members put up. I even made a woman rename a picture of her feet in a small pool from ‘kiddie pool’ to ‘small pool’. As I own a lot of groups, I know the spam on the board can accumulate quickly as well as the links and files part. On my main group, I see the board posts, latley are getting out of control and, hopefully tonight, I will yet, again, go in and remove posts and ban people. I am trying to avoid having to approve every message,pic, file, etc before it goes up.

    I remember the controversy over Sal putting a link to his Yahoo group on another site- but it was just a link- it didn’t include all of the links in the links section of Sal’s site- so to be fair- I didn’t see the big deal. His Yahoo group, at the time, had the intention of costuming and a barefooting lifestyle- regardless of the links in a whole other section- that was the intent. My Yahoo group is ‘getlaiddotnet’, yet it clearly states ‘from hooking up to marriage’ and I try to keep an eye on the links, files and so forth. But I censor the pictures section very little, as it is an 18 and over audience.

    Either the 20th or the 21st I will be having a party- likely the 21st. My friend from middle school is coming in form California. I will invite this group/blog when I know the day.

    -Tracy 🙂

  34. Sal’s father has passed. It was a long ordeal in hospital as he hung on for several days after life support was removed. I know it was a great strain on him, his younger brother and his gf, MaryBeth.

    I did go to the Wake. I was close to Sal’s father and my mom liked him as well. He was a good man who raised 2 sons after his wife passed when Sal was in high school.

    I told Sal I would try to repair our friendship. I do not beleive he is an actual pediphile, though he made poor choices-and he has been punished severely by his peers for this.

    And Dan- what is up with you- would like to hang out.


  35. Sorry to hear that about Sal’s father.

    Tracy, just so you know, as far as I can tell Dan only checks this once in a blue moon. I’ll shoot him an email though with your address.

  36. I have forgotten who it was but I first found out about your blog from a link posted on Twitter. . I totally loved your blog posts and want to read more! Are you on Twitter? We should connect.

  37. Hi, Moonman200 – yes, Sal has gotten a LOT worse with age.

  38. Again, came across this. Apparently Sal did something so bad his GF kicked him out and no one will speak of it. If no one will give the’s bad. I haven’t spoken to him in a year but try to keep up a friendship with others who were in my friend group. I read the OP again and is even better than I thought the second time. I don’t do yahoo anymore….it’s so 90s lol.. my skype is Tracy12056 my email is the same.

  39. Dan must check this. We hung out in September. He introduced me to a bunch of craft beers and we will again in the coming week I think. 🙂

  40. Well, this is my story. Wanted to ck in:) All is well. Dan picks out very god craft beer:) and interesting movies.

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