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231 Comstock

231 Comstock

Originally uploaded by athies

Thanks to Wolf we finally have a picture of the infamous 231 Comstock. It looks the same sans the tree in the front-yard and the spray snow in the front window.

I am surprised how clear the picture is considering the neighborhood. Wolf must have had a high-speed camera. Kudos to Wolf for taking his life in his hands and unlike so many of our adventures at this time, coming back successful and in one piece.

It is always with job and trepidation I look back upon those times.


10 Responses

  1. Those are even the same two scraggly bushes in the front that apparently haven’t grown an inch since we moved there. If I was more daring, I would have gone to the door and asked to look inside. Had I been less sleep deprived, I would have thought to get a pic of the L&T, which is now called the Comstock Deli.

  2. With that tilt, it provides a nice skewed perspective. I can’t believe you did not take a pic of the L&T. But thank you for saving us a trip while we were up there, since I was planning to take a picture if you didn’t.

  3. One of you can go back and get a picture of the L&T Deli, or whatever it is called now. Was it is L&T Deli? I seem to recall a yellow sign. If they are still there I bet Guy still remembers you.

  4. I’m up for the challenge! Louis, when are you coming back to town?

  5. It looks like a really really brief appearance in October for my brother’s wedding, but then the traditional holidays.

  6. Let me know when you are coming in for the holidays. Perhaps we can get together with the wives and all for a dinner or something.

  7. This is not a dating service. There have been too many “feelings” on this blog lately.

  8. That’s just great. I get this close to getting lucky and you go and blow it! I don’t appreeeeciate you saying that I’m waffling!

  9. I do not apreeciate you talking about me when I am right here under the pillows.

  10. Mally-ally-alllllice! … Speaking of which, I am formally announcing that the legend of Wrinkly Bill is currently in production and is reputed to be a real hum dinger.

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