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Silence is Golden

This story is going to jump ahead of the usual time frame to a year after we moved out of Comstock. Wolf and I moved into the Princeton apartments, where our partnership in crime slowly eroded into a precarious tolerance, now that our common enemy was out of our life. This story will also center around Chris, who was just entering the usual cast of characters at this time.

Chris had been going out with Mage for a month or two. She went out of town for a week, and suggested they each think about where they wanted to take the relationship. During this week she decided she loved Chris, while, he decided the contrary. No, this is not a tragic tale of love lost. That is not what this blog is about. It is about documenting the always hilarious, and often strange, adventures of our unique clan of compatriots.

Mage was coming back into town to meet Chris Friday. All day long Chris consulted myself and Ray (co-worker) on how to break up with someone. As usual we had plenty of advise for him. I dove deep into my pool of wisdom on the subject, having never dumped anyone at that point. We gave him, what I still hold was sound advice. DO NOT DO IT AT YOUR APARTMENT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE! Go to a public place. We also advised him to get into it immediately, and get it over quick. Besides, he and I had a party to attend that night. As such Chris said, “How long does it take to break up with someone? An hour, two tops.” Seemed resonable.

After work Chris meets Mage at Denny’s near his place. Chris tried to get there early, but Mage had the same idea. As soon as Chris sat down at the table Mage peered into Chris’s eyes and saw the reflection of a hollow soul. “We can’t do this here.”, she said. Chris paniced and took her back to his place, only a few blocks away.

As they got into it time passed, and I was at home waiting to get to the party. Eventually I called and left a message at Chris’s place, “You done breaking up with bitch yet? We got a party to go to!” At this same time Chris and Mage were saying their final good-bye. They were standing in his doorway, as she was about tot leave. They paused as they heard the answering machine beep. Luckily for Chris he had turned the volume off on his answering machine the day before; that saved him from more talking.


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