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Are You Ready For Some Football

It has been well documented, on this blog, the universal dislike of the household/visitors for Jason. As such, we often engaged in activities that masqueraded as Comstock comroderie, but at their heart were meant to cause Jason some level of distress. The most common was our practice of moving furniture into his room during a party, without his request.

One day we decided it was a good idea to play some football in the basement. This was a perfect field, as it showcased a hard, concrete floor, with narry a skin-thin rug in as a veil of protection. The teams were small; only two a side. Jason and Wolf formed a team, with Ann and I the opponents. Not onld did this allow Ann to pass the ball to me so I could run/slam into and around the dizzy dirtball, but the climax was Ann tossing Wolf an “unintentional” interception.

Wolf “accidentally” bowled Jason over when he ran the interception back. This ended the game as Wolf really layed into Jason, none to subtly. I can still envision Wolf smiling as he was throw ball in a strategic position, so he was lined up to plow into Jason who was a few steps between them. He was “so excited” he took a few enthusiastic steps to increase his velocity, and then ran into Jason with such force Jason went tumbling through the air.

The three us had just enough concern to make sure he was not permanently damaged. Jason collected himself and waddled upstairs to lick his wounds. We did not smile for a week.


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  1. Yes, I remember this well. During the course of the game I was able to slam Jason into the wall several times ‘unintentionally’, and the washer, dryer and utility tubs as well. Aaron is describing the final straw in which I slammed my 200 lbs of unstoppable force against Jason’s 130 lbs of all too movable mass. I felt kinda bad cause he hit the wall pretty hard, crumpled, and collapsed for a bit. Should anyone think us cruel, I would like to point out that we did include him in our reindeer games that day, treated him with the same rough handling we would have Dave or Matt, and did help him up once it was determined he would not require resusitation.

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