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The First Annual Felix Awards (1996)

When I attended the Felix Awards I had no idea of the spectacle and legend it would become for the next 10 years. The idea was Dan, Brian, and Jeff picked some movies they liked to give awards to. These movies did not have to be current by any means. They had been watching Dan’s extensive movie collection in Dan’s basement (sounds creepy I know) and thought, “We can put on a better awards show!” And so they did. The first year was the only year the Felix Awards was held in the back room of a bar in North Tonawanda. The name of Felix was chosen in obvious mockery of the Oscars (Oscar and Felix Madison – the original Odd Couple). Formal dress was required, but given it was Dan and his cronies most did not bother. After the first year this changed, and anyone who did NOT have formal attire was mocked for having no spirit. I should correct this by saying that “core” attendees would be mocked, and fringe/first-timers were cut slack. Wolf, Andrew and I arrived together that first year. We expected a fiasco. It was quite the contrary. There was a U-shaped table with Dan and Brian co-presenting. Quite professional. There was an actual award, but only a single one. It was a VHS tape spray painted gold, with a base board. They had a small (12″) TV were clips from the winning movies were played. Very hard to see. At the end of the night door prizes were raffled off, but there was enough for everyone to get at least one prize. The prizes were just shit you would not waste $1 at a garage sale for, but the thought was what really counted here. Most of us had never gotten anything short of a massive headache from Dan over the years. This was a stunning success. We had no idea it would become a staple of life for the next 10 years.


3 Responses

  1. I tell the story of how the Madison-Felix Awards got start in another post. I must admit that Brian and I never expected it to go for 10 years either. We never expected it to go for 1 year and then forget about it. But the ideas kept coming.

  2. Didn’t someone steal or kidnap the actual award at some point? If I recall right, this turned out to be Schultz.

  3. Yes, but that is for a Madison post several years down the road. I will be posting for each year.

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