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A Radiator to Pee

It was one of our house parties, and as was common we got a keg, never learning form history. The usual series of events was were left with half a keg after the party, despite the best efforts of Dan and Wolf who took it as a personal duty to empty said keg. Wolf spend the rest of the week performing his duty of emptying the keg. And at weeks end we had a reason to have another, albeit smaller, party. This in turn left 8 kegs in the garage when we moved out. In those days you could return kegs to a dealer with no questions asked.

Back on track. As everyone knows, people conjugate in the kitchen at any party. Our parties they collected in the basement, when we kept the keg in the utility sink (immediately adjacent to the sink that served as an emergency urinal). It was at one of these parties that Matt wanted to be locked in Jason’s room with his girlfriend. His plan was to “get some” as they would have no other choice finding themselves helplessly locked in the bedroom. This girl was the famous Sue (Hand+1). Matt gave the visiting Shaun B. the key to Jason’s room and said, “Do not let me out for at least an hour, no matter what I say.” Shaun agreed, with a drunken grin, and trotted downstairs to the basement party.

Matt has an odd quirk of needing to pee immediately after he has “gotten some”. He has forgotten about this and when he was done, he had no luck getting Shaun’s attention. Besides the fact an hour had not yet passed, Shaun was having a ball in the basement.

Dan happened pack the bedroom on his way to the John. Time later showed Dan always happened to be first on the scene when someone was locked in a Comstock room. I believe Dan has a sixth sense for the distressed. Dan amused himself by laughing through the door at Matt’s predicament, and when that amused him no longer, he re-joined the basement party.

After over an hour, Matt still could not get anyone’s attention to let him out. He tried the window, but it had been painted shut. In the end he was left with no choice. Sue was bequeathed a treat as as she lay disheveled upon Jason’s filthy bed, having just lost her innocence (a word to escape her limit vocabulary), watching her hulking beast of a man pee on the radiator.

All in all, a stupendous night.


4 Responses

  1. If I remember correctly, the lock in plan was Sue’s as she possessed far less innocence than Matt. In the past, her attempts to ‘get some’ were thwarted by Matt running away at the last moment.

    This BTW, was the same Sue who was convinced that the moon was really square (it looked round from the reflection of the earth) and that the sun was made of really, really, really hot ice. I think Dan both convinced her of this and subsequently began dating her after things didn’t work out with the Pee Man.

  2. I’m going to exapnd on this with my own post. I already wrote it when this came out so let me go on.

  3. For some reason I thought that Matt tried to use the window sill but it dripped all over the radiator.

  4. I think you are correct. He tried to get the window open in time, couldn’t, so peed on the sill and let it drip over the radiator. One might think the scent of hot cooked urine would have tipped Jason off, but for all we know, that may have been a nightly occurance.

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