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Jason Gets a Kidney Stone

     Now I’m not sure of all of the details. I hope some of you can fill them in. But I remember Jason getting a kidney stone, and it being a big deal. He had to walk around with this thing strapped to his penis, and it constantly caused him a lot of pain. He walked around with this unsightly bulge that looked grotesque. I remember him screaming and swearing in the bathroom, trying to get a trickle out.

     The kicker of it was that he wouldn’t put the toilet seat up when he urinated, so we’d go in and find blood all over it, since he wouldn’t bother to clean up after himself. Then Jason claimed that he didn’t do it.


2 Responses

  1. I do not remember the bulge. Maybe because I was not looking, but it was not something strapped to his penis, but s string sticking out the end, which keeps the pee hole from sealing up with blood. I recall Jason giving us far too much information.

  2. I recall a conversation with Jason during the time of his kidney stone…

    Aaron: “Can you wipe the toilet seat when you are done?”
    Jason: “How do you know it was me?”
    Aaron: “Because no one else pisses blood!”

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