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Mighty Taco Comment Cards II

What was left out before were all of the joke comment cards we did. 

Such as the cards from, “Klatu from Polaris”; The cards about he Arabs calling a Jyhad on the store; People who work there being cited for termination because of their contact with the being “Klatu from Polaris.”

Mouse’s ones were the worst. He had a real psychotic rage going on in them. One I remember was: “There were only five beef and been burritos in my party pack. Ha! I took a shit on your floor. Fuck you.”

We wrote a follow up to that one, which read, “I went into your bathroom and there was a big pile of shit on the floor. Man, why don’t you clean that up.?”

Another nasty Mouse one was, “Why did that girl behind the counter laugh at me? Stupid bitch, I ought to take the icicle out of her cunt and shove it through her fucking heart. “

 Loads of fun.


3 Responses

  1. Let’s not forget the following:

    “Klatu of Polaris assimilated a burrito”.
    “I was molested in the bathroom by your cashier.”
    “I am very upset. Your cashier was rude when I ordered a Whopper and fries.”
    “I had great sex in the bathroom.”

    And, we had to always request either a bean and cheese pack or Mountain Dew. Ironically, now they do sell Mountain Dew. And I kind of miss the Cherry Coke.

  2. I might be wrong, but I think Klatu of Polaris may have been mine as I was a fan of ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’. It was Nancy Boy Fergus who lodged a complaint about all those people having sex in the bathroom.

  3. Yes. It was Mike who wrote the original Klatu From Polaris comment, and Louis wrote the follow up.

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