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Roach Punching

At some point during the tenancy of Aaron and Wolf at Princeton, the kitchen became infested with roaches. It was a pretty significant number of roaches – they would run across the table or floor during gaming, even with the lights on. They would be sighted on the walls and elsewhere. Some individuals were disturbed by this, while others blithely ignored the issue. The cited reason for the roaches was “Wolf makes bread and leaves crumbs everywhere for them to eat”; therefore, Aaron would not clean up the kitchen as it was NOT HIS PROBLEM. In order to encourage the killing of roaches, a whiteboard was placed on the refrigerator for everyone to “tic” when they killed a roach. Aaron’s chosen method was sometimes a straight on punch to the roach’s body, which had the dual effect of slaying the roach and grossing out all onlookers. Louis killed one with the salt shaker as it ran across the table and was roundly condemned for this (even though it was the bottom of the salt shaker; who uses the bottom?) Some people killed one roach just to get their name up on the board. I believe the top killers had 40 or more roaches.


5 Responses

  1. I forgot all about this! Hilarious. Louis wrote this so why he chose to remark himself in the third person who knows? Who’s idea was the roach count? What do you do with a salt SHAKER? You SHAKE it! Hence any roach bits will fall into your consumables.

  2. I do not recall who started the roach count. I wrote this in the third person because I failed to pay attention to how the stories were written by others.

  3. How quickly you forget; I told this story in Buffalo just before you left and got scolded by Dee for telling it.

  4. I never knew about this; I think it was during the period when communications broke down and I would sit watching Hee Haw for hours just because I knew Aaron didn’t like it and I was hoping he would go away. I remember seeing the roach on the bottom of the salt shaker, but Aaron steadfastly refused to comment.

  5. You still managed to acquire a tick mark or two over time.

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