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A Close Call

Mooney had a way to make an impression on people. Matt drove over to visit Mooney on day and knocks on Mooney’s side door, the usual. Normally Mooney is found in the basement, which is in close proximity to the side door. The normal procedure is to bang on the door 2-3 times and Dan will eventually come rumbling up form the basement. It is to be noted that Mooney’s bedroom window is next to the side door. It is a half-floor up, this seemingly innocuous face saved Matt this day as Mooney came to the window instead of the side door in answer to Matt’s knocking. There was something different about Dan this time. Oh yeah, he was completely naked! Due only to a remarkable coincidence with the window’s height, Mooney’s height, and Matt’s height was Matt’s view cut off at the bare minimum level to save Matt from blindness.

Mooney also once embarked upon a project to create jello by collecting his own toe nail clipping. Thankfully the plan was foiled when his mom threw out the collection unknowingly.


5 Responses

  1. I think the toe jam was actually made before being thrown away. I seem to recall Dan proudly showing me a tiny dish containing a dirty translucent substance. To his credit, he denied having attempted to ingest it.

  2. Oh yeah. I actually managed to make it. It was gelatin. I created it to see if it could be done, and it can be.

  3. Did you actually intend to feed it to someone??

  4. How did you make it?

  5. I didn’t intend to feed it to someone. I just wanted to see if it could be done. You make like normal Jello, but you have to ground the toenails down to poweder, which takes a long time by hand.

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