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A Week of Popcorn

One week while still in Goodyear Hall on Main Street Campus i ran out of money in all ways. I was not going to get any more money until Friday, and it was Monday. There was only so much I could steal from the Wolf/Knaus fridge. JP never had anything but the chocolate pudding that was there since the beginning of the year. After drinking all the beer I had left in the fridge for my meals I was left with only popcorn and Velveeta cheese slices. I lived on popcorn created in my hot-air popper topped with the very poorly melted Velveeta cheese slices. Melting cheese in the top container of a hot-air popper, which is meant for butter, is a pitiful tool at best. Lesson learned: I was ecstatic to get some money on Friday to eat something that I stood dumb-founded with the possibilities. I finally settled on a big, juicy burger and some cheese covered waffle fries from the deli in the basement of the dorm. I was so tired of popcorn i have barely ever had it since.


16 Responses

  1. What was the name of that little deli joint anyway? Was it the Spot? I’m thinking it was The Spot. Ah, the memories of Sat mornings begging you for food. “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today…”

  2. It was the Spot. The waffle fries were supreme. It is too bad you did not have the energy to steal from vending machines?

  3. Mmm. Waffle fries with cheese! We never did enact the plan to become a UB vagrant with just a glass cutter to empty the vending machines.

  4. However, JP assured me that a glass cutter “would work well” without confessing anything directly. I did notice that some time after that discussion, the vending machine in the lab at South Campus (was that Clark?) had a metal screen installed.

  5. If only you had thought to call my mom, request pizza casserole the next day, then take a Ridge Lea bus and walk to my house. It would probably have been better than popcorn.

  6. I think you got over your popcorn disdain by Princeton. I remember there at time you would purchase and consume one of the big bags from Tops for dinner. I also recall a time when you bought about 20 cans of tomato soup and ate them for your meals. I was always impressed by your ability eat extremely bland food in large quantities over and over again.

  7. He is now putting the ability to eat bland food repeatedly to good use, as he is now part of the “beat meat” army.

  8. He is? Aaron, we don’t make enough fun of you already?

    Yes, I stole that line, but nevertheless, it is appropriate.

  9. It is all an cunning ploy to draw Matt out of hiding.

  10. Well I think this calls for a new nickname. I’ll put it to vote. ‘Sprout’? ‘String Bean’? ‘Carrot Top’? Hmmmm….. Wait! I know…… ‘Taters’! I likes it!

  11. If you want ot be that way then for you I think “toothbrush” would be appropriate, or maybe “hairy except for a hole in his chest”.

  12. Well, I’d simply shorten the second one down to ‘Hairy’, otherwise it sounds too ‘Indigenous American’ and might be construed as offensive. Besides, if it’s too long no one will use it!

    Try as I might, I don’t get ‘Toothbrush’.

    Neither really has the quiet dignity of Taters though.

    I’m going to shoot you a separate email to see how you are doing it. My wife is thinking of going veg as well and the all too real potential exists for me to be sucked into this meat lovers nightmare.

  13. “Toothbrush” is an excellent name, and is in reference to Paula.

    HAHAHA! It is all worth it if oyu are forced ot give up meat! In Buffalo too! I don’t expect I will hold steady on our next trip to Buffalo. I also have a big head start because I don’t like beef (other than that rare hamburger). FYI, we still eat fish. I am not giving up sushi.

  14. If you don’t understand his reference to being in Buffalo, he explained to me on background that Buffalo has good meat products while the rest of the country is lacking in those areas. Thus the temptation of the meat is higher. Of course for those of us who shun vegetables in favor of meat and sugar, this is all bizarre and strange.

  15. Hmm, having spent time in Texas I would venture that it is much harder to be a vegetarian there. We have all but eliminated red meat, however, though I doubt I will ever swear off of it for good; instead opting to be a Jasonesque waffling “vegetarian” of convenience or merely for show. I had Wegman’s sushi for dinner last night and it was fantastic!

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