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What is it?

While living at Princeton Wolf and I found a smashed brownie in the couch. It was totally mangled but still in the plastic wrapper. We had to do something with it. Louis was in grad school at the time for Chemistry, perhaps he could analyze it for us? We sent it to him with no return address. One day Louis was in town and tells us he opens his mail and “What’s this?!”

Another food related visit for Louis was when Mike and I drove to Louis’s home in DC. When Louis answered the door he was greeted by a 2l of Mountain Dew.

Just recently I found the elusive Cream Horn and I had to send it to Louis. I sent it Priority Mail, which is a flat envelope so I had to smash it. I await Louis’s retaliation.


2 Responses

  1. Not only did you send a Cream Horn but it was a foreign Cream Horn. The originals are smaller and are called Creme Horns. Also known as “intestinal grenades”.

  2. I officially have determined the proper method of retaliation, but it requires some special ingredients and will not arrive until some very unexpected time.

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