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Don’t Poke Me! It Hurt Cause I’m Thin!

Mooney, Schultz, JP, Louis, and myself are sitting around playing the Shogun board game. This is a great game of medieval Japan. The game comes with five small, plastic Samurai swords. At some point in the night JP can’t resist the urge to hold the swords between his fingers in a Freddie Kruger fashion. Every time play Shogun this happens, but the following does not happen every time. JP is swinging his Kruger claw around and then pokes Schultz in the ribs. Schultz immediately screams, “DON’T POKE ME! IT HURTS CAUSE I’M THIN!”

It hurt because he is thin. It could not have possibly hurt because JP stabbed him between the ribs with a sharp object.

This is now one of the most famous Schultz stories.


One Response

  1. Clearly, Schultz, having never experienced not being thin at that point, believed that a layer of fat would have provided a threshold against such attack. Walrus-like, you know.

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