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The Tenth Annual Madison/ Felix Awards (2005)

Alas this was the last year.


6 Responses

  1. For Passion of the Christ’s sake….please let me know when the awards are happening again!!!


  2. Who is this?

    The Madisons unfortunately ended after the 10th show.


  4. But who is this yodel? The original Jason or some schmuck with an unlikley interest in the Madisons?

  5. If it was the orginal Jason, I think we would have heard a lot of whining and trying to make us feel sorry for him. Comstock Jason, wasn’t around for the Madisons

  6. Excellent point. His painful attempt at ‘witty’ exclamation (for the passion of the christ’s sake…) was reminiscent of the snappy type of dialogue that always missed the mark Jason expressed. The all caps schadenfreude in the following message also mimicked Jason’s cringingly embarrassing attempt to be a sarcastic ‘Reality Bites’ style Generation X’er. So who could this pud be? He was the only Jason we really knew, right?

    I also can’t help but think that perhaps this is the real deal having grown in unexpected ways, much like Ken who apparently went from a free spirit to a corporate tool; you know, kind of like me and Louis. Last I heard though he was working at a video store Jersey.

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