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The Sixth Annual Madison/ Felix Awards (2001)

I do not recall.


4 Responses

  1. Dan needs to get on the stick and fill these out some. Also, what about the story of the stolen award?

  2. I do not remember which year it was stolen, but it was Matt who stole it all on his own. His idea was to send ransom notes to Dan, which he did at least once. The first note he demanded $50,000 in cash to be placed in a bag and left in the trash can outside the Amherst Theater on a Friday night. Dan, Brian, and Jeff filled a bag with Monopoly money and had muscle-bound Jeff deliver the bag. They staked out the garbage can all night, but no one appeared. Matt has picked a night and had no intention of showing up.

    The rest of the plan was to have the Madison award escape his captors and travel around the world, sending pictures of itself in various places. Matt knew Chet was going to Russia that year so he would pass the Madison to him to take a picture. He would continue to pass the Madison to others who travelled that year, only to have the Madison re-appear the next year at the ceremony.

    When Dan first discovered the Madison was stolen, the next day, it was the Princeton era, so he barged unannounced into Princeton and begam questioning myself, Wolf, and Chet, who was over at the time. Dan was convinced Chet was the culprit.

    Back to our story. Matt’s plan for the tour of the Madison award was proceeding beautifully. Matt was dating some woman, who’s name I forget, so let’s just call her Gertrude. He left it over at Gertrude’s place so Dan would never find it. Before Matt could pass the Madison over to Chet for it’s trip to Russia, Matt broke up with Gertrude. The next Madison’s rolled around, but Gertrude was still allergic to MAtt’s presence, even for an opportunity to throw the golden VHS tape at his head, as if he were scum of the Earth. Gertrude worked for CIT at UB, and was know by Chet, so he was able to retrieve the Madison from Gertrude.

    His master plan dissolved, and Dan’s crew replacing the missing original miraculously with a new VHS tape, spray-painted gold, and mounted on styrofom, the story was told to Dan.

  3. So, what happened to the original after that? I suggest you take this comment and make it into a post, but not until my latest post has passed its prime.

  4. I will move this comment, and expand upon it if I can.

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