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Mighty Taco Comment Cards

There is a local Mexican fast food joint called Mighty Taco in Buffalo. It is the first thing I hear anyone who moves away say they miss. And they define what is fast food. Sometimes I would get my order before I got my change. Their place mats are also drawn monthly by a local artist. Take a look the Flickr feed for this blog for a gallery of my collection of Mighty Taco place mats. On to the real story.

Schultz was previously employed at Mighty Taco. Each time any of the rest of us visited his Mighty Taco we look lost of comment cards, which he told us they read every one, and filled one out with some comment about switching to Pepsi so they would serve Mountain Dew (at a later date they did – THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE!) and how Schultz did a fantastic job. Our goal was to get Schultz promoted to Manager. We started to take comment cards home and force all visitors to write a comment card promoting Schultz and Dew, and whatever else they wanted. We even spent a night drinking and filing out comments cards. We had to use fake names for each card so as not to look suspicious. Knaus even make his cards a series from the same guy. He spoke of how the service was great but the bathroom needed cleaning because he walked in on people having sex. When we had at least a hundred cards complete we drove around to drop a few in each mailbox we could find, once again to not look suspicious. This didn’t last past the first mailbox. Dan just dumped them all in the mailbox outside of Schultz’s mailbox and for some reason we then ran.

Post Mortem: Schultz was later fired for being 5 minutes late to a meeting by his manager who he had said “sucks” the day before. He made his derogatory comment about the manager to a co-worker but invoked his Irish Whisper so the manager, who was behind him heard him clearly.


4 Responses

  1. Actually, we dumped the cards in the mailbox about a block from Comstock. Dan was fairly nervous as we did it.

    I’m not sure that Matt’s stint there coincided with our comment card binge. I remember promoting Mt. Dew OR a 6 pack of bean tacos for $3.50.

  2. This page shows up when you Google “Mighty Taco.”

    When I teach my students how to research local companies, a lof of them pick Mighty Taco. I tell them to find links about the company on sites other than the company’s own website. Hmm… Maybe you guys will be talked about in an upcoming essay?

    By the way, when I found this site by Googling my old maiden name, I noticed there is now some 44 year old Canadian broad with the name Charlene Lipkus. She must be stealing my old thunder. Heh heh.

  3. You can’t underestimate the insidiousness of Canadian identity theives. At least twice a week I am forced to explain away actions that I am seemingly responsible for in such a manner. 🙂

    I wonder how many Mighty Taco employees have hit this site as well?

  4. It would be very funny if anyone who actually read the comment cards finds this. In any case I should point out, the OFFICIAL STORY on why Matt was fired from Mighty Taco is that he was late more than 5 minutes on 3 occasions. However, the true reason was that he had been doing sarcastic impressions of the manager in the back room and was caught. He was bitter about the fact that many other co-workers were later than him but retained jobs. He maintained that the Cherry Coke required much more frequent changing when he worked, since pop was free.

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