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Diet Fads

Being a big proponent of no-activity Louis has developed and self-tested several diet fads over the years. Here are some highlights.

“Chew Gum” Diet
Back when we were very young Louis calculated that if he started chewing gum, with no other changes in diet and exercise, he would loose 5lbs in a year.
Longevity: zero (never implemented)
Results: failure

“Rinse Day” Diet
Louis, as was myself at the time, is a massive ingester of Mountain Dew. He decided to declare one day a week as a “rinse day”, meaning he would not put any “toxins” in his body. Basically he would not drink any Mountain Dew on Sundays.
Longevity: one week
Results: failure – Louis could not resist the sweet lure of the Dew Siren for more than a single day

“Bring a Bottle of Water to Work and Stop Eating Before I Get Sick” Diet
The name says it all.
Longevity: 12-18 months
Results: to date Louis has told 22lbs.


One Response

  1. Well, here’s an update to that last one. I have held a loss of 20lbs+ for about a year. Right now I am down about 26lbs to 204. Furthermore, I had to get new pants, new belts, and am back into suits I bought in 1998 (too bad they are a bit out of style, eh?). Finally, my wedding ring is about as loose as it was at the time when it flew off my finger at the reception.

    Best of all, however, I have now located the ultimate weapon in my fight to lose weight without exercise. Diet Lemon Arizona Iced Tea (w/ Splenda) is the first diet product that I can consistently enjoy more than water. Diet Coke w/ Splenda was a brief contender but had a bit too much sweet aftertaste. I expect to lose 3-6 pounds over the next year by substituting this substance for Mountain Dew (not entirely, just in the evening).

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