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The Mailbox Gang

One of the activities at Comstock during the summer was to sit out on the roof occasionally, and observe the activities. Usually this was only done to avoid other things going on, but that is another story. In any case, from the roof one could quietly observe the goings on at the local mailbox. A number of individuals would hang around the local “postal facility” and occasionally approach passing cars. I do not think they were selling stamps.


4 Responses

  1. Every now and again we saw the mailbox un-guarded, but within 2 minutes someone from the Mailbox Gang would appear. Once we spied a person on a bike ride by, stop at the mailbox, put something under the mailbox, then ride off. Minutes later someone from the Mailbox Gang appeared and took something from under the mailbox.

  2. I remember watching on TV a news report of a drug raid that was a block from us, up comstock. I always wondered if these were related.

  3. I remember watching the drug raid itself! The raid was in that house on the corner across from the L&T we had to pass walking to Windspear. I think it was a crack house. The mailbox gang on the other hand was in the opposite direction. It would not surprise me if two groups were related in some fashion; probably controlled from the shadows by Moustache Guy.

  4. I remember Wolf, me, and Ann watching the drug bust. The homeowners were not there, we figured someone tipped them off. As the cops finally started to pack up we looked around and figured we ought to leave.

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