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The Milkshake

Dan and some of his other friends start a “society”, a.k.a. The Dashwood Society, that I will write further about later. Incidentally they also start a legal religion called “The Church of Unconscious Revelations” (CUR). Dan claims they have “just under 100 members” (eg. 7). He vehemently claims The Dashwood Society and CUR are different, even though they have the same members, same meeting location, engage in similar activities, but I digress. The Dashwood Society is basically them drinking in his basement every week. All the members of The Dashwood Society get initiated and given a title such as Mahatma, Reverend, Brother, etc. Now enters a new guy, a friend of a friend. This guy is pretty dumb (understatement). So the established Dashwood Society members are sitting around trying to think up of some initiation for the new guy. Dan jokingly (so he claims) says “you could drink a cup of my sperm. ha ha.” The new guy says, “OK!” Dan jumps at this golden *smile* chance, as he always does. He and another society member head upstairs and into separate bathrooms to deposit into a cup. Once complete, Dan mixes both cups of sperm in a blender (his mom will be happy about that). Dan presents this concoction (nice choice of words there) to the dumb-ass. The dumb-ass chugs it down and says…. “Not bad.” To this day Dan does not think he did anything wrong. I tell him he will be able to tell his grandchildren of the time another man drank his semen.


4 Responses

  1. They mixed more than just sperm, I thought … for some reason I thought it was mixed with milk, or possibly even milk and ice cream?

  2. Wasn’t Traci (the prostitute) a member of the church but not the Dashwood Society?

  3. He was called Erik the Martyr.

    And it was a proper milkshake, with a special ingredient.

  4. As a proper milkshake, it must have had ice cream and milk then.

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