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Pennies from Heaven

Larry had a dingy little store on Elmwood in Buffalo. Many of us would frequent the store and just hang out in the back room. Patrons would come in the back room often to use the bathroom. We dropped a quarter in the toilet and someone took it. So we proceeded to drop less change in the toilet to see if anyone took it. Last we knew no one took the dime. It is now years later and my friend’s store is long gone. It is a shoe shop now. I should go in and ask is the dime is still in the toilet.


One Response

  1. This is not how I remember it. As I recall, someone did take a quarter. However, at some point – possibly during one of my dumps – a penny accidentally dropped in. From then on it was a challenge to see if anyone could “sink the penny”. Despite having multiple intestinal grenades go off, it never flushed.
    Another bad thing about that bathroom was the fact that the door was quite porous and it was not rare to have to evacuate the back room if something heinous was being done in the bathroom. (Usually I was the one in the bathroom, not the one evacuating).

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