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Trivial Pursuit Championship

Our group of friends has played the occasional Trivial Pursuit game.  Dan, Rob, and Wolf have all won the game when playing alone (we always seem to have an odd number of people and these guys always jump to play alone).  One of them always wins.  I attribute it to their knowledge of literature, that I feel most versions of Trivial Pursuit is heavily slanted towards.  Of course I am the only one to ever answer sports questions.  Who are the people I am friends with?  Anyway, at no point had Rob, Dan, and Wolf played a game with all three at the same time, so in order to end the bragging of all three, each claiming to the the Trivial Pursuit master, I organized the Trivial Pursuit Championship.  This was supposed to be an annual event with a trophy, but we only ever held one.  I served as the host, reading all the questions.  We had a small crown of people to heckle the players.  Wolf jumped out to an early lead, but then both Dan and Rob stormed back.  In the end Wolf held off their advance to win (he got stuck on the final question for awhile).  We played Genus 6th edition Trivial Pursuit.  Dan came in second, and Rob a close third.  It would have made for a great tradition, maybe when we are all old and retired.  Next time I will create a trophy and play some music when the players try for a piece.


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  1. Clearly, those specializing in literature but not sports qualify as a “Lemon Twist”.

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